Israel Tour 2018

Israel Tour 2018

Join us on this amazing Biblical adventure of the Holy Land!  This 12 day teaching tour through Israel is a 5 Star tour and the cost covers your airfare from Chicago, hotels, breakfast & dinners, a St Peter’s Fish lunch, all site entrance fees, a luxury motor coach and the best Israeli tour guide in the business!  The pastors going on this journey to teach at the sites are pastor Jeremy Higgins of Calvary Community Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, pastor John Higgins of His Church Calvary Chapel in Tempe, Arizona, pastor Doug Warwick of Calvary Chapel Ahwatukee in Phoenix, Arizona and pastor Eric Kluth of Calvary Chapel Coolidge in Coolidge, Arizona.

Check out this amazing daily itinerary!

DAY 1 Our tour begins as we travel to Chicago, after a short layover we fly to Newark and then on to Tel Aviv.

DAY 2  We arrive in Israel in the afternoon.  After passing through customs, we meet will meet our guide and board the bus for our first meal and overnight stay on the Mediterranean Sea Coast of Israel.

DAY 3  After an early wake-up call we will enjoy our first Israeli breakfast. Next, will be our devotions and then onward to our coach to begin our day of Bible Studies and Tour of the Promised Land. Our first stop is Caesarea and the beautiful Roman Theatre.  Next, we drive to Mt. Carmel the site where Elijah challenged the worshipers of Ba-al. At this site we will have our first breathtaking view of the Valley Of Armageddon.   Next, we enjoy our first falafel lunch and then journey to Megiddo.  Megiddo is one of Solomon’s Chariot Cities, and a wonderful archaeological dig. After a time of study we will head to Tiberias for our first evening in the Galilee.  Our hotel will be the Kinnereth a four star.  After a wonderful dinner we will all settle down to a good nights sleep.

DAY 4  After viewing our first sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, we have breakfast followed by our morning devotions.  We will board our bus for a day of touring and Bible studies as we travel around the Sea stopping at the Mount of Beatitudes, Tabagha and Capernaum.  Each of these sites will bring many Biblical teachings into full view. Following these visits, we will take a beautiful drive north around the Sea, stopping for a Peter’s Fish lunch at a kibbutz.  At this point, we board our boat for a ride across the Sea of Galilee. Upon docking near our hotel, we will board our bus for a short ride to the Jordan River where you will have the opportunity to be baptized.  Now back to our hotel for dinner and rest.

DAY 5  After breakfast and devotions, we will board our bus as for a day of touring and Bible studies as we travel north to the Dan Preserve, Caesarea Phillipi and the Golan Heights. The Dan Preserve is the site of the Temple of Dan as well as one of the headwaters of the Jordan. Caesarea Phillipi is the place where Jesus asked the question of His apostles, “Who do men say that I am?”  The Golan Heights is a place of great modern prophetic significance. Afterwards, we head back to the hotel for our final night in Galilee.

DAY 6  With breakfast and devotions accomplished, we will walk through the streets of Tiberias to the Galilee Experience, a multimedia presentation of the history of the Galilee.  Then, our bus will take us to Nazareth where our Lord spent His childhood.  Next, we move on to Bet Shean.  Bet Shean is a marvelous dig that has unearthed a complete Roman City from the days of Jesus. We will take a lunch break and then travel down the Jordan River Valley past Jericho to Qumran. Qumran is the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1948. Our next destination is the Le Meridian where we will spend the night at the Dead Sea.

DAY 7  This morning is an open morning. Just across the road from our hotel is the Dead Sea. The hotel has a shuttle to ferry you there for your swim or should we say float.  When you have finished and cleaned up, you can mosey down to the buffet breakfast that is out of this world.  At 11 A.M. we will meet at the bus for our short ride to Masada and our cable car ride to the top.  After Masada, we move on to this beautiful desert oasis of Engedi, the place where King David hid from King Saul. Now we ascend out of the Great Rift Valley, into the city that is called by His Name, Jerusalem.  We will spend the remainder of our time at the Crowne Plaza in Jerusalem. 

DAY 8  After breakfast and devotions, we will go to the Mount of Olives and view the city of Jerusalem as Jesus must have seen it many times.  Now we descend down the Palm Sunday Road to the Garden of Gethsamane.  After prayer and study, we take a short ride to the south side of the Temple Mount to visit  the City of David.  After a lunch break at the Zion Gate, we will visit the Upper Room and hold service.  Next, we stop at King David’s Tomb.  A short walk through the Jewish Quarter, then down a series of steps we will visit the Wailing Wall.. A short distance away are the ancient ruins of the White Steps. We know that Jesus used these steps many times. Now, we return to the hotel for a wonderful dinner and a good nights rest. 

DAY 9  After breakfast and devotions, we will go to the Rabbi’s Tunnel, an underground tour of the Western Wall.  Upon exiting the tunnel we will proceed to Antonia’s Fortress (Praetorium) where Jesus stood before Pilate.  Afterwards we move down the road to the Pool of Bethesda, where a Crusader Church stands.  We will leave the city by Stephens Gate (the Lion’s Gate) and proceed to re-enter through Zion Gate for a lunch break in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. The afternoon will be spent at the Temple Institute and the Cardo.  When the day is finished we will return to our hotel for dinner and rest.

DAY 10 After breakfast and devotions, we will leave for the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount. Next, will head for the Holocaust Museum.  This will take up most of the afternoon but will add years of knowledge to your life. Afterwards, we will go to the Shrine of the Book, where we can view many of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Time allowing, we will spend the remainder of the day in the Museum of Israel and then back to the hotel for dinner and rest.

DAY 11 After breakfast and devotions, we will spend time at Golgotha, “The Place of the Skull”, where our Lord died for our sins.  The Garden Tomb is just a few steps away.  We will tour the Garden and spend time at the Empty Tomb where our Lord rose from the dead, pardoning us.  There will be time to linger and individually contemplate this wonderful place.  The morning is concluded with Communion in the Garden as we celebrate our salvation. We will then head to the airport to make our journey home, contemplating all of the wonderful things we saw and learned and we traveled through His land!

DAY 12 We arrive home with memories of a wonderful experience in the land where Jesus walked!

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