Below you will find various downloadable resources that we hope are a benefit to your walk with our Lord!  Please take the time to check back often as we will regularly update this page.

Dating / Purity

A Ladies Guide To Purity – Student Edition A Ladies Guide To Purity – Teacher Edition Master, Mission, Mate

The Rapture / End Times

Pre-Tribulation Rapture The Rapture – Amillennialism, Postmillennialism or Premillennialism? The Final Curtain The Manasseh Effect – Book The Manasseh Effect – Chart The Tribulation And The Church What The World Is Coming To


Holy Land In Time Of Jesus New Testament Map New Testament Timeline Old Testament Timeline

Books By Pastor Chuck Smith

Answers For Today Calvinism – Armenianism – The Word Of God Charisma vs Charismania Christian Family Relationships Comfort Those Who Mourn Effective Prayer Life Harvest Living Water The Claims Of Christ The Gospel According To Grace – Romans Commentary The Person And Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Why Grace Changes Everything Why I Choose The KJV